All facility groups and store managers know the REAL pain of not knowing who built their building, let alone how it was constructed and if it is operating properly! Owners need real time access to all historical records and the original construction team with a push of a button. FaciliBuild provides the control of your building assets information and the team you select to work on your building. Service or maintenance work can be scheduled and electronically sent to the selected supplier or vendor to perform the work. Streamline your facility management process and sign up for a free trial today!

Organize Files and Data

New and Historical Files & Data Upload

No need to search for OEM manuals or last service record on your assets. All archived & new files, reporting, testing and results can be stored in one area with record of when and who provided the data.

Stay Connected with Construction Team

Stay Connected with the Original Construction Team

If your construction team or recent suppliers and vendors used FaciliBuild you are always connected to them no matter how long it has been since the work was performed. Add new organizations to your project or disconnect from organizations you no longer need their service at any time throughout your buildings life cycle.

Create Building Expansion and Submit Records

Expand your Building with Ease

Design teams no longer need to guess what your existing building design intent was or what work has been performed on your assets. Create a new project for your engineers and submit all historical records to them in a few simple steps.

Create New Projects for Your Facility

Create New Projects for your Facility

Need a building Asset replaced? Expanding your current facility? Create a new project, invite your vendor or supplier and upload files or job requirements to them.