Improved Communication and Project Collaboration

Out dated email and file sharing systems cause disruptive issues to any process when you can’t find the “important” email from another organization or files are no longer accessible. FaciliBuild supports complex relationships by connecting people, data, and processes that are completely facility centric. The connection to these key features is never lost and can be easily retrieved for the life of the facility and its members. Connect with other project managers and team members, Sign Up For a Free Trial!

Connect with Project Contacts

Project Contacts

With a click of button FaciliBuild makes it easy to connect to another organization that is already on the project or invite others to the project to start sharing information. It’s like a social network specific to your industry!

Create Linked Trade Projects to Share

Create Trade Projects

Now that you have your company project, create linked projects for your vendors and trades and decide what to share or communicate with them. Share files, schedules & milestones, reporting, or other trade contacts!

Publish and Subscribe Rules

Publish & Subscribe Rules

You have the control! FaciliBuild allows you to decide what files, schedules, building assets, issues, etc that your company generally likes to publish to others. And it’s easy to subscribe to information you want from others.

Create Project Centric Messaging

Project Centric Messaging

No more lost emails or trying to figure out whom to send messages to! Facilibuild allows you to create and respond to public & private messages that are always linked to the associated project and become a valuable historical record for the Facility.

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