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FaciliBuild, construction management software brings your building to life. It creates a virtual facility that allows you to digitally store project data, field reports, communication logs, create and manage your team, and cross integrate schedules and messaging. Everything about your project or facility is kept in one secure location for quick and easy access. Begin your new construction project today and sign up for a free trial.

Personalize Company Information

My Company

Personalize information about your company and your employees. Select criteria on how you want other outside organizations to search and communicate with you.


Company Contacts

My Contacts & FaciliBuild Contacts

Build your own contact manager or search for other organizations to connect with and add directly to your contacts.  When other organizations update their profile it automatically updates in your Contacts!

Company Templates

Standardized Templates

FaciliBuild is powerful enough to allow your company to create and save custom job forms, milestones, checklists, and job specifications that your team members or other organizations use all the time. Choose from a library of forms to use and ensure a seamless project plan.

Create Your Project

Create Your Project

Create new construction projects from the beginning or view new projects sent to you from outside organizations. Make your job public or private on the FaciliBuild Network!

Learn how to leverage FaciliBuild to help reduce construction project cost.
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