Whether you are building a new construction or trying to maintain an existing building; FaciliBuild offers solutions for both the New Construction Industry and Facility Groups.


FaciliBuild is a dynamic Construction and Reporting software that lives in the cloud allowing you to create projects, schedules, specs, milestones and invite trades to work on your job.  Trades, engineers and owners can collaborate seamlessly on a shared platform that creates a breathing set of documents, files & submittals. Keep your construction team connected to the building and allow the owner’s facility team to utilize the data or notify original team members when future work is needed on their building. Learn more about streamlining your next construction project!

Facility Groups

Tired of spending time finding a contractor who knows your building and trying to explain what assets you have at your facility or what previous maintenance has been done to the assets? Facilbuild eliminates that burden! Turn your historical records into live data that can be utilized for maintenance or future expansion. The cycle of construction—maintenance-expansion never ends with FaciliBuild. Learn how Facilbuild can transform your facility management.