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FaciliBuild team has over 65 years of combined knowledge in the construction industry. Our core believes are that every construction project must have the attributes of awareness, accountability and quality to be successful. Our vision was to revolutionize the process by which commercial buildings are conceived, constructed and managed over a buildings lifecycle. The team continues to create a suite of software tools that are integrated, facility and network oriented at the same time is cloud based for access anywhere. FaciliBuild ties together an effective cradle to grave construction and facility management platform that anyone can use.

We understand that there is a wide range of software applications on the market to serve the commercial construction industry. Those options range from extremely expensive and difficult with a long and expensive transitional process/cost to inexpensive and simple with limited functionality and typically “silo” (located on one users desktop). The FaciliBuild team questions to what extent do these current applications really benefit the owners and their facilities. While other applications help participants independent of the other, often they do not effectively coordinate activities and share critical information that are necessary to efficiently complete a project or maintain a facility. FaciliBuild has created a software solution that integrates facility and construction information, establishing accountability and awareness for all participants in the facilities life cycle.

Our Network Manager features are specifically tailored to support development of professional networks and information sharing among construction industry and trades. The FaciliBuild team knew that by integrating and streamlining the information flow among these participants, a consolidated discreet processes would create unity and much more efficient process equating increased quality and efficiency. FaciliBuild’s instant access to information that is current, relevant and accurate has proven to reduce errors in the industry thus reducing cost over runs. Because we know participants and vendors “come and go” through a facility’s lifecycle, FaciliBuild supports entry, access and reporting of information at any point while keeping the original construction team connected to the facility long after construction of the building is completed.

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